Monday, October 26, 2009

- carsons going to be a pumpkin for halloween....
- tomorrow i'm going to the dmv, wish me LUCK
- cheesecake brownie ben&jerrys <3
- carved a big pumpkin with cool teeth (wish i could take a picture of it)
- presley was really nice to me today
- i get to put my marykate book on my new coffee table
- dad brought me taco time today and hung out at my house
- my mom is officially not coming back or something :(
- and now i must help kody study for his midterm tomorrow


cassandra noƫlla said...

marykate book.. i want.
i wish you had your camera too.
what you gotta do is this..
Saint Antoine .. is a patron saint of lost things. you have to pray to him.. say Saint Antoine , please help me find my camrea.. and then really look for it all over in any place you can while asking him. he helps find anything and everything. works everytime.

cathmom said...

yep, it's official