Tuesday, October 13, 2009

it's cleannnning day. moms disappeared to california... and i'm craving some mountain mikes dankydank. am i a geek because i really like that new jesse mccartney song? i wanna dress up for halloween only because its fun but i have nothing fun to do except go trick or treating with my baby boyyyyyyyyyy.i carved a one eyed pumpkin last night. i wanna carve more. and more.
where do i get cool art for my walls. i could make my own i guess.
so i'm taking dad to see 2012 when it comes out. mooch is scared. but it has got me really interested and i actually spent a really long time yesterday reading about the mayans... whattttt??

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Steen said...

its not real. jen, chris went and saw paranormal activity and he was so scared and he never gets scared in movies and he couldn't sleep the whole night and slept with the light on.