Sunday, October 11, 2009

i love halloween time

i need my new uggs.
i love the feeling of fall season. it makes me so happy.
and getting all my warm and cozy clothes out. hats and gloves.
and i'm living off chips and salsa. not that i don't have any food
fullllly stocked in my pantry. hahaha. i just can't stop eating the delicious rico salsa and some new chips i discovered at whole foooods.... anyway, this seasons got me in my baking spirit. i want to cook so mannnnny pumpkin flavored things. mmmm mmm...
i wish i could post a picture of carson. all of a sudden he's a kid and tries to talk to me and gives me kisses and drags me around telling me what he wants to do or play with... buuuuuut ya. i stilll havent decided what he will be for halloween, we were thinkin of that gnome costume, but now i'm not so sure... i just don't like the costumes at walmart and target! blehh...
gardner village to see the witches tonite with pres and mom and kody and carson and whoever else wants to come with. another reason why i love this month... :)


cassandra noëlla said...

oh yes totally do my makeup! you can do my makeup for halloween! i am being cleopatra.. keep that a secret tho. could you do it? & cider = yes please.
i am coming oct 29 nov 2nd. PLEASE do my make up jade!

cassandra noëlla said...

& noooooo way im not selling my moms wedding ring. i just photographed it for her before that inscription wore off because its so old. plus its too small for her finger now so she can't wear it. but my dad got her another two rings to wear.

The Fords said...

I need ugg boots. They are so cute. But too expensive.
I love the fall too. I want to have a pumpkin carving night at my house with a halloween movie.