Thursday, September 3, 2009


-kody got a job at acs for 3 weeks for 12 bucks/hr.
-carson and i are sick, i hate sore throats
-rico's bean burritos in the oven tonite
-i did pretty makeup on mooch yesterday and she got a complinment that made me happy
-presley, jack, and carson are all sleeping wooo!
-i miss lucas jude, and carson drew him a picture today
-i already think i want to dye my hair again
-made my first batch of mashed potatoes last night and they were the best i ever had
-my new thing is to give carson a bath in one half of the sink and do the dishes on the other half... it helps me get them done
-labyrinth scares me
-kody is loving his medical terminalogy class he aced both tests already
-free einstein bagel tomorrow morning
-i miss my mommmmmm in nyc with out me!!! :(

oh and i'm getting that.>>


lovely lindsay said...

hi jade. i'm just bloggin' around and looking for a present for christine.
but i found a present for you instead. on etsy. as soon as we get paid i'm going to have it sent your way.
i'm really missing you cause if you were here we would go on bikes tonight.
and you could dye my hair and i could dye yours. atleast you have kody to do that for you. andrey dye my hair? ha!
we have a letter for Carson Regg, too. it goes in the mail tomorrow. or the next day. i'm not sure.
love, lindsay

Pres8Jes said...

we went and got our free friday bagel today after jack's chiropractor appt. we thoguht of you...and how you might be on your way to st george right now.
labrynth isnt scary, presley loves that movie. thanks for doing my make up and for letting me use your workout room and for making me a delicious dinner last night...oh and for letting me borrow laguna beach. after i clean my house im going to watch.