Tuesday, August 4, 2009

mmmmmm!!! my new fave! ben and jerrys Cinnamon Bun ice cream! yummmmm.
last week was busy, i feel like i went to eighty barbecues and all that. kody's birthday was cool he got some fab new jeans. and i got us tickets to cirque du soliel for this weekend i am soooooo excited! then mom took me to a lunch date yesterday at olive garden . i think its been like a million years since i've eaten there. i put our lease up on craigslist, and someone called today to come see our place. we have to get a new place. if thats possible. i have one month to lose a few pounds... and this ice cream is really delicious. yes please.


Pres8Jes said...

try my favorites:
karamel sutra
imagine whirled peace
half baked

sooooo goood jims.
see ya tomorrow

michelle said...

wait a minute.
whats going on?
why are you getting out of your apartment?
why do you have one month to get skinny?
why is icecream so good?
I love icecream. : )

Steen said...

i have that in my freezer.