Tuesday, August 4, 2009

dust pan

discovered the daybreak beach.
i didn't know it existed.
and so i got a swimsuit top and bottoms $3 dollars each.
carson loves the water.
and there was even sand.
and docks to jump off.
it was man made.
and had a completely futuristic looking playground.
wish i had a picture.
what in the world?

thats the beach anyway.
tomorrow i try and watch jack for the first time.
he's pretty nice.
he's bald.
lets see.
what else should i BLoGgggg about.
it's weird when you figure things out.
i'm glad that i have kody to be my best friend.

1 comment:

michelle said...

if you were here I would steal you and take you to all those movies in one day. lol
I really want to come there and visit you and jessica but I would feel weird just drivin there all by myself and I would only be able to come for like a day. so im still workin on it. good luck finding a new apartment!