Thursday, August 27, 2009


dinner was lonely tonight
because kodys at school again,
and moms at gateway with jackie
and dads in washington.
so here i am.
and carson.
crazy kids babysitting day.
ohhh presley.
we colored rugrats pictures.
and jumped on the couch.
and carson snitched some brownie batter.
after pres n jack left i made myself something healthy
and a waffle for carson.
i'm bored.
see ya later


lovely lindsay said...

never say dindin again.
love, lindsay
p.s. save me some of that stir-fry. i'm coming over for dinner.

Pres8Jes said...

your dinner looks like it turned out good, now i wish i would've stayed instead of scurried around this valley.
tomorrow is an early day, lets hang out when i get off?