Wednesday, May 20, 2009

peace and quiet

i havent been able to sleep hardly.
carson is teething, keeping me up.
poor guy.
big groceries tonight.
i love those days.
would have never thought this is what i would be doing.
i'm complete opposite now.
i'm bored.
everyday i miss my mom.
i need to go to bed.
i think too much.
i didn't know mcdonalds had such good hot chocolate.
i'm serious.
and how come i don't know what kind of music i like.
or if i even like music.
and i'm wondering how bella is doing.


michelle said...

aw mama, its okay to do 360's.
Ive deffinitly spun quiet a circle from how I used to be too.
and I need to remember that its okay.

I didnt know they had good hot chocolate but I did know that they have good hot fudge sundaes. does kody work alot?

I used to LOVE big grocery days when I lived with eli. so fun. I always made good good dinners that night. groceries are like one of my favorite things to shop for. im a nerd. I just hate paying, atleast out in pasco though there is walmart and thats way cheaper. (whenever we would go to yokes it was an extra extra good dinner night.) lol aw, I miss pasco.

braylon takes like 3 steps then sits down. so nope, not exactly walking yet. what about reggie?

what are some good sites to look on?

I have a head ache. and now want to go to pasco and get pita pit. I think I just might,.

Pres8Jes said...

ey jenny, i think your phone lost its life while we were talking. guess what, i gotta bumbo seat from some ladies at my work today.
i dont have a favorite kind of music, i listen to a crazy slew of genres.
christine and i got small groceries last night because we're lazy and because we're moving soon.
our pool opens on monday, we'll get to enjoy it for a minute but steens new place has one.
you better be coming back you better come hang out at MY place, all the time. k?