Friday, May 22, 2009


marshmallow cupcakes, please

really good day today.
Just relaxin and lovin this sunshine.
We have one more month in our apartment after this.
That's okay because I'm really likin my apartment.
My kitchens been cute. I've made some delicious things lately.
I'm a good house wife... usually.
Kody's been my friend.
And I've been feeling happier lately.
Even though I've been acting like a hermit AS My Mom says,
and won't come out of the house for days at a time.
My cinnamon rolls were probably my best batch yet.
And Carson sure is cute. He does so many things now.
Waves bye bye, and says mama, or dada, and he loooooves to dance and shake his head to music he likes. And occasionally he tries to stand for a few seconds.
He's so so smart. I'm pretty sure he understands when I talk to him too.
So my whole make up thing. I still can't stop. I found a website that has really cheap make up for a dollar and it's a NICE brand! I was so excited. AND THEn i found a promo code online to take 50% off my wHOLE order. I'm happy about that. It will be a fun package to get for my self.
I hope I can find a good aesthetics school to go to in Utah. That would be GRRReat.


michelle said...

I was looking through the sephora mag the other day and they have a super nice pallate on sale for $20 with a ton ton of things in it. my grammer in this comment sucks i think

Pres8Jes said...

so your last month in washington is june?
is this true or just a rumor?
i move this coming weekend. im nervous.
those cupcakes look really really good. i want to give carson a love.
i bought a tv yesterday, its quite huge for a person who doesnt watch tv.
come over okay, bye

cathmom said...

how do you get marshmallow to swirl like that?