Saturday, April 11, 2009

Oh lists, I like lists.

*Dyed my hair
*Kody and I are going on a date tonight, I'm excited
*I tried all my old jeans on again, they're really cute, and it's not fair...
*i still been going on walks a lot
*We have our apartment here in pasco until may 31...
*I miss bella and majestic.
*I've been babysitting a lot. It's so funny to me
*I'm really happy.
*We got two special codes for free redbox movies cause it was broken when we went
*Carson doesn't sit still anymore! Haha
*I never go to concerts, and I still don't know what concert I would go to if I went to one
*I want an iPOd.
and... one or both of these cars right now...

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