Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New things.

I'm going to try and make good dinners every night this week! I found some tortellini in my pantry and I didn't even know about it. Mmmm... Also, I made an attempt at blackbottom cupcakes for my first time and they actually turned out pretty good. I'm on week two of trying to eat and exercise good but I'm not sure where it's going. I'm really glad the weather seems to be staying put for a minute. I like hanging out with mooch. I wish I wasn't so weird though! And I went on a bike ride with Rej in the back and it was scary riding with him but lots of fun! I wish I had my own bike now! ANyway, I'm ready to see what summer is going to bring. Ready for new recipes. And New clothes.


Pres8Jes said...

we loved your black bottom cupcakes! presley ate the last one last night, she got crumbs everywhere that i had to vacuum. why you say you;re werid.? once you live here and i have this baby out. we be good friends, you hear? try making this new potato soup recipe i found, its so good, tell me if you want it.

mimi said...

i would love to come to dinner. probably the only night would be thursday. i leave on saturday early morning.
or maybe next week. but we better do it.

Steen said...

remember a really long time ago when me and you went on a bike ride? it made my legs hurt.