Wednesday, April 22, 2009

listen please.

i've been finding OLD old friends on facebook. it's crazy. amanda, my best friend in second grade who i was jealous of her handwriting and her clothes... and shayla from franklin! the only other girl in my class. it's so weird finding people on there!
anyways, a calm day, i'm just relaxing and resting and enjoying the pretty weather, and my happy little boy, and some fresh new groceries, and yeah...


naturaljoy said...

that's a good way to put it, you grow out of it after a while. I wasn't that much older then you when I got married. It's like you have two lives and you've just started your second one.

cassandra noëlla said...

add me on facebook! i love facebook. Cassaundra Noëlla Leconte
clear there's my name.

i like that picture. i am for sure homesick for a nonexistent place.

kerrylynn said...

find me on fbook too.
kerry dickinson.

Pres8Jes said...

i dont do facebook, bleh.
but hey, i made those cinnamon streusel muffcakes this morning before i showered, they are so good, i brought 2 to work.
you missed out last night.
wish you just woulda stayed!
i keep findin good rentals for you, so just come back.

michelle said...

is that picture from amanda antilla?? I swear I saw it on her blog and loved it alot.

facebook is weird but kinda cool sometimes. alot of weird people have it. its way too impersonal and lets everyone know your biz which bothers me.

YES they have urban outfitters there lol. and way cooler stores than that even! my friend that I always visit there lives upstairs from free people and this other really cute store called 3 monkeys then a few stores down is the lucky store and urban outfitters. and lush. and lots of other boutiques that have super cute stuff. if you drive to the malls there is like nordstrom and forever 21 and wet seal and all those mallish stores. it was so nice this last weekend when I was there I even got like a tiny tan on my arms.

im going to go pour myself a cup a joe.

im leaving tomorrow and wont be back until tuesday so next week we must get together!

Steen said...

Steen said...

michelle said...

ah I knew it! I love all the stuff amanda makes. I like want to hang it all around my house. well I dont have a house but you

well seattle is fun cause you can wander pikes place. BUT its kinda hard to get around seattle. the streets are hard-ish and busy. and I never know where the good stores are. I usually just go to urban outfitters there. but they have like 3 different ones so i go to them all and call it quits.

portlands streets are a little easier and less busy. NW 23rd and NW 21st are known streets for good shopping. like you can just park your car and walk up and down them and its all right there easy. and then there is a couple different malls that you could mapquest.

if you decide to go there tell me what day you are going and if im there the same day ill help you and take you out somewhere fun.

yes im leaving after work tomorrow to drive to portland and I leave for texas saturday morning. weird...texas sounds weird. I hope they dont all talk with accents cause that will bother me.

maybe it will be hot enough for me to lay out by the pool. goin all alone.

I have so much stuff to do today its crazy. I dont spend enough time in one place to even do my laundry before im off to a new destination. eeeeeeeeek.

how do I stalk you on facebook.
cause I dont think myspace, blogger, and email are enough...i need more. ha.

michelle said...

in texas im going to a like receptionist/manager/leadership training

portland IS my new lover.