Monday, March 9, 2009


since my day turned out to be lonely and at home with me and carssss i decided to get some things done...

-played with reggie gave him some attention. let him eat those messy baby biscuits and get it all over and have a bath and get all cute.
which i am also noticing that his ketoconazole shampoo for:ringworm/jockitch/yeastinfections has not changed his scalp infection one bit... i've been using it for 4 months now? hmm.. im at a loss of what to do anymore. all his infections are basically back except i finally got rid of part of his diaper rash thing... ugh anyways..
-so then i signed up for foodstamps/cash benefits again.
-and am now researching slc cosmo schools and makeup school. but i have recently learned that EVERYONE is going into cosmetology school. oh well...
-so then i did the NASTY smelly dishes
-i am starting to figure out my neighbors, and cant help but spy a little. its funny... they are FREAKS!!!!!
-killed the second Spider in my house...
-had a bad, COLD, MORNING. and didn't realize i wasn't supposed to babysit... UGH...
but i dont know what this post is specifically about.
maybe im just bored again.
and waiting 10 more minutes to start kodys spaghetti dinner.
i been trying to have dinner made for him when he gets home.
oh and it half snowed half rained and now the suns out. i bet theres a rainbow too. but im too lazy to look out the window anymore.

i had a really fun weekend to come home to though!


naturaljoy said...

glad you're back

mimi said...

glad you're back too jade. i miss your sweet little self. i had lots of fun with you and nat when you came over. thanks for being my friend.