Friday, March 6, 2009

back home with my boysssss

i had lots of fun with everyone.. relaxin with my mom on the couch takin a break from things and visiting people and seeing my sisters cute apartment, eating wonderful food that ive been dreaming about for months now, getting to drive my moms car, carson grew two teeth, and seeing the fat dogs and lots more... it was nice to be back. i was sad to go, and it was my first time doing all the airport stuff myself, i was real nervous and got on the plane all lonely. it was happy that i came home to some sunshine and clouds and a very very clean house. thanks kody! but here i am. and heres the pics from my adventure. i missssssssssss my mom!!!!

on the way hoome


moo cch
mommmma and me and rej, she was our friend.

carsons great grandma anderson, i like her

carsons great GREAT grandpa elfors. he was cute

little prentz

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cathmom said...

It's so hard to have 2 homes. I really miss my couch buddies. Even ridiculous movies are OK with cozy company.We are funny, huh!