Monday, February 9, 2009

i la la la loooooooove reggie. nobodies bloggin but me.
i dont want my momma to go back to utah!
time for grocery shopping again.
and i have found some really wonderful recipes i'm going to try in the next few days.
carson rej is gettin a new remedy from ginger.
i'm crossing crossing my fingers so hard that this one will work.
anyways, this is what i've been thinking about all day


cathmom said...

Thanks for hanging out with me,Carson and Jade! I hope you make those peanut butter things!

michelle said...

whatever those red cookie sandwich things are look good. I saw them made on the food network once. I dont remember what they are though.

the Anderson's said...

Hey Jade, I am so excited for you guys to come! I haven't had time to blog. But, I will soon. Those cookies look nummy! Talk to you real soon. Tell Lindsey hi - and let her know we think her baby is soooo cute!

Pres8Jes said...

we can get groceries when i get there cuz we
re gonna make a couple good dinners.
but i want jack in the box alot and i want everyone to go tohubbies pizza one day.
i just ate fazollis pizza on my lunch break.
we will have a fun time whatever it is we do there.
YOU call me jeez