Thursday, January 22, 2009

today was relaxing
we both had a free day
we cleaned the house
went to inca mmmm..
missed the exit and went all the way to prosser
had a visitor!
and i just really like when people are nice
and care.
oh and last night i made dinner for lin and andrey, the three cheese stuffed shells and some homemade breadsticks, which by the way i thought was really delicious. and to finish it off with lin's peach cobbler. the best. and the leftovers were even better. sheesh.

some days are good.
we are thinking of what we want to do when our lease is up...
we feel like there is a lot of pressure to be whereever other people want us to be.
but it was hard to come here i miss utah.
i miss a lot of things.
but i dont know right now.
where we belong...
we'll see.
it's hard.
i think im excited for february.
i think it might be my favorite month.
i love pink and red at the stores and
chocolates and flowers and hearts
i love valentines day!
next month on my list:
mom comes back
lins baby comes :)
nat's birthday
natalie comes!
kody goes to utah,
kodys brother gets home from mission
then i go back to utah
then our rent is due.

i've been thinking about my cat chicken.

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Steen said...

me and natalie were talking yesterday abouthow redj is your baby and he goes with you everywhere. and we wonder what kind of mom you are like because back in the day you used to make chicken do back flips.

do you make rej do back flips jen?
my rent is up in may. and natalie is probably leaving me. if you want, you can live with me.