Saturday, January 24, 2009

so kody had a really raelly long work day today, so i decided i would clean the house completely and organize things so when he got home he could just rest. it was nice of me. i even color coordinated his closet and mine. and had a dinner ready with the table set when he got home. and my free nylon mag subscription i got off urbanoutfitters like forevvvvver ago came today so that was cool i like it a lot. a neighbor of ours came over and brought kody an application for famous daves and said his manager would like to meet him, which was really nice. and i've been meaning to make them some cookies sometime SOON. hes only been working two days a week at mcdonalds because soooooo many people are getting hired. bleh, it is not cool. and carson wants to stand up all the time. he will cry and cry until you hold his hands and let him stand. he is pretty much crawling too so the whole house has to be spotless always. my phone has 5 minutes left on it. i shouldnt have done that. and im just updating myself on my life. not really anything amazing. i love when my neighbors dont play the bass below. its soooo peaceful.
except no more heater for us. our power bill was bad for last month.


michelle said...

what a nice wife you are

the Anderson's said...

I love your new pictures. You all 3 look so darling! You better keep the heat on a bit - I would hate to see you all catch a cold! I am counting the days until you get here. I can't wait. It will be nice to see you again. We haven't seen you since November - that seems like forever. Your apartment is looking so cute!
Love ya!