Sunday, January 4, 2009

the only thing on my new years resolution this year is to be a good person and do what i need to do. be happy.
that's all. it's 2009.
2008 just flew by.
the craziest year of my life... so far.
it's okay if i cut all my hair off.
it will grow back sooner or later.
how i want to cut it

my house is so clean.
has been for three days.
i just made cookies
this week i have been cooking dinners every night too,.
i cook too much. that's what i do.
and i have watched so many Hills dvds.
we cant stop.
rej surely rolls around now.
he will be crawling in no time.
i'm ready for a sneek get away vacation.
i think i am a hermit.

baby boy by jadeypants


michelle said...


I just wrote you a really sweet long comment and the computer messed up somehow.

anyways I like that haircut&cute baby boy thing. its weird not having my own place to keep clean and make dinners in. I miss it. I feel like now im in "my moms house" and no where in it is mine.

do you babysit today?

lovely lindsay said...

i really love that hair. i think i want that in a shorter version. love the bangs. would love you to dye my hair before the babe comes. i want to look my prettiest when i first meet his face. would also like a very spendy pedicure from a pretty place. wax paraffin and all.
also, need all things on your polyvore. i'm so happy to finally see it. love the hat. the pear pants. the see kai run shoes. that blanket! even the green socks. i wish that if you make a polyvore... you would get a package in the mail with everything in it. doesn't reg need that robot onesie?!
one more thing:
do not. i repeat. do not show up at my house with a plate full of pumpkin bars again until this boy is born. i'm pretty sure (me and boy bean) ate the whole plate.
love, lin

the Anderson's said...

Your hair would be so darling cut like that! You have the face for that particular haircut! I think any haircut would be darling on you.

cassie said...

how d you find baby stuff!?
tell me hurry