Monday, January 5, 2009


just got home from a target trip and we bought a jennifer aniston movie collection for five bucks. i know.
i love amy's secret getaway mansion on the mountain. it's cozy. and today i hung out with my grandma she was sweet to me and made me famous mac n sauce and we were funny. it snowed again which i was not looking forward to. and i had fun at our little dinner/family get together tonight. my brother has good lessons. he's a good man. also, me and kody got a little book in the mail from my mom that made my day. some words of encouragement on this journey. was all i need. changed my mood a little and made me look back at what i have gone through last year.
every second i look and reggie is doing another cool trick. maybei should start calling him carson, but i don't feel like it. i miss him in my belly. and i called him reggie and i bought him eighty hats. and he kicked my ribs. my sister is having her baby really soon. it just breezed on by. whattttt. another lucas!? cutttttte. i give all my good vibes and courage towards her way this last month of her bellyness. i'm really liking my family here. everywhere. i have a good family. theyre all i got i hope they like me too.
i'm rambling on ...... lll
i've almost completely made myself sick of pumpkin bars. i have a headache of toooo MUCH sugar. BLEHHHHHHHHHH


michelle said...

IF/when I do move it wont be for quite a few months cause all my savings so far is going to this mexico trip so when I get back I have to start over. I am so done with winter, its not even fun at all. Yeah I wish me and you did actually get together...cause we actually are friends. always have been even when you went to highlands and I was at desert hills and then you moved to utah and I always planned to come there but didnt and you always called me when you came to down and visited and now you live why the H dont we hang out? anyways another thing im excited for with warm weather (im bring this up cause of what you said about pumpkin bars) im excited for healthy food. I always eat way healthy in the summer cause there is yummy fruits and veggies and stuuuuuuuff..anyways now im rambling so bye.

naturaljoy said...

Your blog is looking so good, I just don't have time to do a good one mine's kind of embarrassing.

cassie said...

california will be nice. utah is so cold i sometimes cant handle it.

i like to comment people so they know i've read about their life.
i move on monday. the 12th. im not looking forward to the 10 hour drive with my cat. its just. not fun. so ugly. so far.

michelle said...

ps. look how skinny you are!