Wednesday, December 3, 2008

So I feel like I blog about the same things over and over.
Kody and I are just so busy and tired, it's hard to keep up with it all and realize what happens next. I had a wonderful fabulous birthday on monday with my tri city family! I was missing my mom so much. But I did happen to get a happy package from her filled with some surprises. Everyone made me have a happy birthday. I'm 19 now. 20 next year. That is weird to me. I'm not really 19, i'm sure of it. Or I wish. I Wish secretly that I was still 13. Or something.
Well anyway, I've been babysitting this baby boy Tegon the past two days, and I am drained of all my energy. But thank goodness we quit the stupid STUPID paper route!!!! Oh my gosh. Kody got his first big check too, and It's all going to our first BIG rent payment TODAY. I feel like I have been so emotional this week. I keep missing my mother. And just so many things. I think it's the weather. Or maybe that I'm 50 million hours away from my "old" home.
Well we got our first christmas tree last night.
We put lights on it. and Silver balls. It's sweet. I love it.
All we need are the stockings.
I'm excited for christmas. but only A little..
Too much is happening. Now If i could just win the lottery.........


mimi said...

i keep feeling the highs and lows of this season...and of living so far away too.
glad you quit the paper route.
stupid paper route.
i want to see your tree....
see you tomorrow

michelle said...

thats sweeeeet you have a tree. I dont even know how to play the lottery, but Ive always wanted to win it.

Mr. Furious said...

don't give up...I love you