Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful thankful

today at this very minute
i am thankful for,
my wonderful supportive family.
my little baby reggie who is growing so big and healthy and is so happy.
kody my best friend Ever.
this cozy apartment.
that i am happy!
our new ward who has been so nice and makes me feel welcome.
my mom and dad. oh how they have taught me so much and i have learned everything i know now.
and for macaroni and sauce.

happy thanksgiving <3


michelle said...

you cant text!? super lame. yeah make salsa. and enchiladas for me. im coming over this week. yes of course ill go shopping with you. ima shop a holic. I had to baby sit tonight and now im soo tired. I swear im a part time mom& I Dont know how you do it. I poored myself a glass of red wine on thanksgiving. and I only took like 2 drinks cause I hate red wine. lol anyways im watching sex and the city and passing out. I have to work all dang day tomorrow. shoot.

naturaljoy said...

Hope your new couch is okay.

lovely lindsay said...

i'm thankful that you shared my russian thanksgiving with me.
love, lindsay

the Anderson's said...

Happy Birthday Jade!!!!!