Monday, November 3, 2008

whats been goin onnnnnn

today was kody's first day doing the paper route. we kept thinking the papers never got dropped off until we realized the were out on the driveway, not the porch. GOod thing he still delivered them on time. He said it wasn't that bad but it was just really cold. And then he started at mcDonald's today. he's doing the training right now so he has like no hours but hopefully he will work his way up. He got to clean the bathrooms today... oh dear. we are happy though. we are trying to get settled in here. still waiting on the apartment. thanks to everyone who has been a good support and told us not to give up or to just go back home. it helps give us hope and make us feel better. it's been hard. also, halloween was fun, kody and reggie dressed up but not me. as a vampire and a tiger. they were really really cute together. and we hung out with the cousins. all related. it was silly.
anyways, so my grandma is making our baby boy his stocking for christmas and me and kody couldn't decide if wanted it to say REGGIE or CARSON. finally we settled for carson just so that he won't get confused. but that was a tough one. we seriously just call him reggie. so does everyone else. ahhaha. he is going to be so confused. maybe i'll let him decide when he's bigger what he wants to be called. whatever.
PRETZEL AND MY MOM are here and i'm so excited! pres is so so so funny and she looks so big! i'm so happy to see them. tomorrow lindsay is having an election day party. so much is happening. i hope we get the apartment. i just can't wait. wow. and my birthday is going to come fast. i haven't even thought about anything that i really want for my birthday list. maybe just a day of peace. and love. or maybe a vacation. and some hot chocolate. and spend some time with my family.


just livin the life said...

Jade Tell your mamma we all said hi and we really miss her ;)

naturaljoy said...

I hope everything goes good for ya! I was going to tell you there was a job sign at the car wash over by the apartments amy used to live at in case you guys want another job:) Let me know if you ever want me to let you meet the girl who's looking for a babysitter for just a couple of days.