Wednesday, November 5, 2008


We got our apartment! She said it should be ready next week but we will know the move in date in a few days. I hate this waiting game. But at least we got aproved and are getting our own place. I'm so excited. And besides that, Reggie woke up with hives and they are getting worse! and me, I'm getting worried.
p.s. great election party last night by Lindsay! And we have a new president! I think it's really cool that we actually have a black president. Martin Luther King Jr. would be so proud of our country. I sure am


just livin the life said...

Hey Jade thats exciting!! so what apartments are you moving in?

naturaljoy said...

Yea! What do you need? Take our table for sure.

mimi said...

jade -
what are 10 things on your wish list for your new house?
i'm happy for your little sweet family.
thanks for always being nice to me**
love amy