Wednesday, October 1, 2008


i miss my cat Chicken

I woke up early this morning and got in the shower. Carson is sick and his nose is so stuffy I'm sorry for his little self. I went tanning Yesterday, and I actually got burned. Because the last two times I went did not a single thing to me. Kody is behind me filling out MORE applications. More more more. and we're just waiting waiting waiting. ANd trying. And ya. And I really want this apartment we found for low income people. It is actually pretty nice in a good area over by the temple and albertson's and it's not creepy okay. Another job searching day, and maybe go down to the river if it's sunny out.
Here, I saw that I got tagged my Cassie....

#1: 8 things I am PASSIONATE about:

1. Shopping shopping even if I don't buy something, it might be an addiction.

2. My baby boy because he has the sweetest little cheeks and he is just really quiet and you just want to squeeze him up every time.

3. KODY LOVE of course! He's my lover and best friend. The cutest thing I've ever seeen.

4. I really like art, making my own art or other people's art. I just really like crazy colorful art. I hope to go to art school someday.

5. The Hills... ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

6. My family in Utah that I miss lots and lots. They are so good to me. It's weird being away from them. We are the funniest craziest batch of freaks I ever knew, I love it.

7. Going on drives when theres nothing to do and watching the sun go down, it's pretty here.

8. Vacation. All I ever wanna do.

#2: phrases I say often:

1. "ew"

2. "what are you doing"

3. "ummm"

4. "i love you"

5. "hi"

6. "so weird"

7. "yaaaaa"

8. "chinese"

#3: 8 things I want to do before I die:

1. get a really cool job

2. go to new york

3. see another country

4. have my own little house some where where it's always sunny.

5. look good in a swim suit

6. meet marykate.

7. have my drivers license

8. and a high school diploma or at least A GED!

#4: 8 places I would love to visit:

1. hawaii

2. new york

3. france

4. canada

5. texas

6. mexico

7. africa

8. hungary

#5: 8 things I have learned from my past:

1. don't look back.

2. family is most important to me.

3. everyone makes mistakes but theres not reason you can't fix them

4. i still wouldn't change a thing because i learned a lot

5. i'm consider myself lucky!


7. get my drivers license when i'm 16 with everyone else, i still dont have mine NOW

8. from watching my mom and all she has taught me, i now can be a good mother myself.

#6: 8 things I currently need or want:

1. MONEY, of course.

2. to take Kody to Seattle and a mariners game.

3. Fall and Winter clothes, so bad.

4. Lemon bars.

5. Reggie to walk.

6. to have a best friend.

7. kody to get a good job.

8. a tan

8 people I tag:

1. Lindsay

2. Mom

3. Keira

4. Michelle

5. AMelia

6. Amy

7. Kody

8. ummm...JANEEN!

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SummerOfLove said...

you so funny. man im in the same damn boat with that license shit.. mabye someday Soon we should team up and head out to the DMV and take our written together...sorry u got burnt poor widdle baby jade! take care and lets be friends! hope to c ya round pretty