Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kodys my best friend. We had a good day today. It's nice and sunny. I love when it's sunny. It makes everything ten times better. I talked to my mom and dad in Santa Fe, they are having fun. I miss those two sweeties. And tonight is tacos at Jeff's. I'm excited because they make the best tacos over there. Anyway, i been feeling a lot better about myself these days and been starting to buy clothes again instead of always sweats. sweats. sweatshirts. blahh. It's good. And today at church Jeff introduced Kody to his friend who is the manager of WalMart. Which also I am going to start working a small little job with Jeff helping out with little things he needs with the class he is teaching at CBC, like research or grading stuff. I'm excited to have a little hobbie when I'm bored like this. Cool cool. Who knows what will happen. It's weird being away from home.

I'm dying for new jeaNS.



Michelle said...

oh jade today WAS a nice day. I should have called you. ive been busy these last few days. but today not so much. I got bored and thought maybe I should go ride my bike (purple trek I got for like my 12th birthday) but sense I have neglected my purple bike for so long the tire was flat. so I had a nice day wasted, inside, watchin movies. I hope you guys are doing good. in a few weeks when you have more money and I have more money and its colder outside we will go buy cute fall clothes? kappesh? BUt how bout like tuesday or somethin if its nice we go walk with the babes. call me

michelle said...

I wish I could burn cds. I would burn cds if I could download a cd burner. but I dont even know of any except limewire. and limewire is dumb and I cant get it to download. lol what good that cd player is. seriously go tan. I tanned this morning and now I smell like tanning lotion. I need to take a shower. anyways im calling you tomorrow when I am at my sisters in pasco watchin the babe. alright. have a day. tell kody good luck with jobs and squeeze carson a little extra for me. did you ever go hang out with tiger? lol I mean...elisa. I saw her comment to you.

Keytra Tyne said...

hello! Welcome back to the tri.
Hope its going okay for you dear. and the the bebe is doing well!!
I found a really good job opening but unfortunetly since i dont have a significant other i would like to pass it your way...
it is 2 full time postitions at an apartment complex.
you would work as a leasing manager and do some houskeeping when ppl move out of thier apartments.
and ur hubster would work as maintenance.
you get paid+ a 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment+util.
anyways i thought it sounded like a great idea. but yah like i said i dont have a boy to get in it with me. if u would like some more info let me know.
oh and ps: i'll be your friend!
521 2013

cathmom said...

Hi Jade, home from New Mexico and hoping that things keep getting better and better for you and your sweet family. It's quiet without you guys here. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks. LOVE