Sunday, August 31, 2008

We snuck away to the Tri-Cities on Thursday night. It was our first Family Vacation on our own. I'm so happy to be here too. It feels so peaceful and it's sunny and I like hanging out with Lindsay. I think Kody and I really seriously want to move here. We've been looking at some really cute places these past two days. But now we have to go home tomorrow. I hope we end up coming back. I don't think I can live without them taco Johns and tumbleweeds burritos. And the river close by. I am so in love. Utah is so so so hectic. But I also really miss my mamaaaaa!
It's also Jeff's birthday... I'm just waitin around till it's time to go to his party.
La dee la I need to find a new hobby. Lindsay is so crafty and makes the cutest things. I'm pretty jealous.
I also forget to tell about my Baptism!
Aug. 23, it was so so so great! I'm so happy about it.
And my brother was able to come down at such short notice and baptize me. I was soooooo grateful the he and lindsay were able to come and it was cool to have our WHOLE entire family together alll the siblings. Oh what a happy day that was. Kody and I are also really starting to like going to the ward everyone has been really nice and a lot more supportive than I thought. It's happy. Things are going great. :)


naturaljoy said...

You're great

Michelle said...

I will take you shopping

if you help me find some jeans.

lovely lindsay said...

i miss you.
and you should have told me how loud the sprinklers were in that room.
love, lin