Thursday, August 21, 2008


So I get baptized on Saturday. I'm pretty excited. I'm glad I didn't wait too much longer. Time is just flying by. It felt like the right time for me and my family. And mom got me the cutest new church dress I loooooove.
I been watching pres the past few days too, it's a lot of work, but me and regj like her. Shes nice. Not much else is happening because I am just so busy with my lil baby. And time won't slow down! I want to go to school! Everyone is getting school clothes and I'm really jealous!!! Gosh, I just don't know.
I found an apartment for 300$ a month in Kennewick. It looks nice okay. But we'll check it out when I go. I'm not sure.
oh reggie
He's already grown so much in 5 1/2 weeks.
He weighed 11 and a half pounds on MONDAY whaaat!!!!


Michelle said...

oh jade $300! good deal.
how are you getting here?
when you come I can help you appartment search
I think I need to drink some water,
I like the picture of you kids on the couch

diego and maren said...

Jade this is your cousin Maren in AZ and I saw your blog on Vicky's blog. Your little man is so adorable! Congrats on getting baptized, what a treasure you are to your little tiny and your family!!! Good luck with the apartment search!

the Anderson's said...

Jade your baptism was so special. You looked like and angel. It was so fun to see you with all of your family. We love you guys so much.
The pictures of Carson are darling.
Thanks for being a part of our family.