Sunday, July 27, 2008

attention bloggers. anyone that is reading this.
if you know of a place any place that possibly kody and i could move to,
anywhere in the world.
affordable for us little folks.
500 dollars or less.
just keep your eyes open for something...
i know its probably impossible.
but okay bye


the Anderson's said...

Jade you are so cute - I look all the time for the three of you. I actually have a number for you to call tomorrow, that is just 2 blocks from me - Eastward. It is in a basement apartment - but a way nice home. I will give you the number tomorrow. It was so fun to be with you guys on Friday. See you soon.

Tiffany said...

You little boy is so cute! Are you guys wanting to move to Kennewick? Irving Place Appartments are really cheap. That's where I live. 2bedroom is $515month. Nice neighborhood and big appartments! Check em out!

Btw i was friend with christine, if your wondering who i am! lol