Sunday, June 22, 2008

I'm just experiencing unbearable back pain.

My old room is being worked on as the new guest room.
It's really cute, like how I imagined I wanted it to look like.
[I'm jealous]

A nap is all that sounds good.

I dislike when Kody works until midnight, because then I have no friends.
Except mom who really wanted to take me to KMart - and we parked in the expectant mother space with the stork picture on it. I think we regret going there now though.

No one blogs anymore.

Jamie Lynn had her baby, what the heck is this.
Where is my baby then? I wish he could be here, because I think it's time.

We need help with names.
Please help with names.

It's our dream car, which we will have some day.


naturaljoy said...

It's true summer just must be a slow blog time. I really love Levi, Eli, and Liam, Jeff didn't want them. Jeff really liked Henry, oh and I liked Noah. You can have any of them. I also love Calvin, Forest and Stone, okay I know those are weird but I really like them. Oliver? Jack? Max? Okay you probably don't like any of them, If I think of anymore I'll let you know.

Mr. Furious said...

hang in there...

Michelle said...

Rad..I like that name. I heard it on tv and I thought I would just love a little boy named Rad.

Pres&Jes said...

name your son Cru, or Fisher, Alec, Paxton, Berkley, Kache, Diesel, Jager, I still like the Kody + Jade= Kade.
did those shirts fit? or did you hate them?

Keytra Tyne said...

i cant get over how cute and pregnet you are.
Today i showed Micah your photos you have on here of you and the almost born bebe boy and he was like.."i remember her when she was soo young...she hated me." lol
good luck with everything, hope all goes well.
whens the big day exactly?