Friday, June 27, 2008

Good Morning

Finally we almost have our medicaid stuff all the way submitted! It has been making us crazy! Hospital bills galorrrre! I never told about my new doula friend Briana. Mom set me up with her because I was feeling uneasy about the whole birth process. So I went to Briana's cute cute cute little house, and we talked for two whole hours about things. I felt so much better just to hear someone wanting to know my feelings and stuff. This birth is going to be interesting, I'm actually pretty excited for it. I'm due in less than two weeks now! And I don't know if it's going to be anytime soon. Somedays I feel like he might be coming SOON. Other days, I think maybe not soon AT ALL. We'll see. But hey, my belly did drop lower... If that's any indication? I noticed it did. Maybe he will be a fourth of July baby. Ha!The fams on their way here right now. Me and Kody will finally have the little blue car inherited to us. We really need it. I'm grateful. Oh and I had to share that Kody is getting excited to get into college. He's been searching for a good one to go to. He wants to do something in the medical field because it really interests him. I think it's really cool! And i'm excited for him! I hope when things get settled down I can go too! :)

i wanna go back to vegas so BAD


Michelle said...

ill meet you there. in vegas

congradulations to kody

Noƫlla said...

cafe? heLLo??
when is baby comin?

lets brainstorm names.

you know i think when you see him you'll know his name.

naturaljoy said...

I'm so glad the little blue car is still in the family, I have very fond memories of it. It was born in Virginia you know. Anyway that is so great that Kody wants to go to college, it's amazing how many times I realize now how important it was that Jeff went to college. It was hard at the time but we'll be okay for the rest of our lives because of it, and yea don't give up on wanting to go! I took an online class last year, before the baby. I'm going to start up again when he's a bit older. Someday I'll graduate, maybe we can do it together. Wish I was there.