Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We alllllllready got two calls. We're excited to get rid of the stinkin car.
And I had an appointment today. Gettting closer and closer. Time sure is flying by!!! I'm getting nervous. But everything seems to be healthy and happy. :)


lovely lindsay said...

woot! {does anyone say that anymore - because i do.}

Pres&Jes said...

i say woo woo woo woo! out loud all the time.

i cant wait for you to see what i got your son.
but i have to work the shower date, can you do it in the evening?

BirthLady said...

Oh my gosh, Lindsay, The girls and I say WOOT all the time. Actually this semester in Chemistry (shivers), one of my chemical equations balanced like it was supposed to and I yelled WOOT! The Professor a Physicist with a machine for a brain, looked at me and asked,"Is that good?" UM YEAH! WOOT!