Saturday, May 24, 2008

razzleberry smoothie

-I feel like I have so many things to do to get ready for the baby to come. I'm getting impatient.

-I want to go to the beach or the lake and put my feet in the sand.

-Next on my to do list: Make brown snitches, Detail mom's car.

-Need to save money money money

-In search of a really cute baby onepiece suit with feets attached, and a matching hat.

-I haven't showered in a few days because my fear of spiders is really taking over. They seem to be in every shower that I step foot in.

-Kody graduates June 3, celebration!

-I start summer school at SouthPointe soon. Me and my big belly will be going. (I'm not giving up on school! I've worked too hard. I refuse to get a GED!)

-I would really like it if someone sent me a big t-shirt and some stretchy shorts to wear around. It's really getting hot out.

-Prenatal yoga tonight. My back is killing me.

-I made pancakes today. I'm happy.

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lovely lindsay said...

reggie is made of bean burritos and pancakes.
++++ {he wants something from here i'm sure of it}