Thursday, May 22, 2008

Can't make up my mind

We spent two whole hours trying to pick out a cute car seat at USA baby. AAAAAnd I got home and looked at it online and decided it looks like a girl one. What do you think?

I hate how I can never make up my mind about anything! UrgggghhH!!! And then the stroller we picked, oh dear. There was too many to choose from. And I don't even know a good price budget for strollers and car seats. Like how much is too much or how much are they usually? I just neeed advice man.
Then we headed to kinderwinkle and I got my baby's "come home from the hospital" outfit which is a pretty like gown thingy with tiny blue polka dots and its a really soft stretchy fabric. And Kody bought bob marley lullabies, which we are also mad about because they don't even sound that good for a twenty dollar cd. DAng.
But anyways, We're registered at usa baby and target (online & at the store). :) it was fun..
Baby showers cominnnnnnng. And so is Kody's graduation! I need to think of something fun to do for him.




cathmom said...

I remember your "coming home" suit. 2-piece white thermals that had some embroidery by me on the top and (it was December) then we tucked you in to a pink, furry sleeper.

Michelle said...

I like the car seat. serious about the lullabies? I was going to get that cd for my sister and a onesie that says "could you be hugged" it was cute. lol maybe I will have to send it to you if I can find it again.

naturaljoy said...

There are like a gazillion hardly ever used baby things at yard sales and it's yard sale time! Ask me I'm the super crazy yard sale queen. So I guess I wouldn't pay very much for car seats and strollers, I'm off to check out your registration!