Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hey, Kody's numbers actually did go up yesterday, I got that wrong. They went up from 3600 to 4680. And Today the lipase went down to 4640, but thats still good. But the amylase did go up to 540... He was having some pains yesterday in his side and back. But he seems to be doing pretty good. The doctor came in and said Kody may get to come home today, but we are trying not to get our hopes up! He would still need to be safe and watch his eating and have some home care come to visit him too. They are still doing a few tests and he said it will take a while to figure some things out and that he doesn't think Kody should have to lay around and be bored. Although his pancreas still keeps elevating, it is supposed to go down eventually! We hope. But they still aren't sure what is causing that.
Also, the GI guy thinks his esophagus is just allergic to something in the atmosphere around here. And there's not really much he can do about that. But the steroid inhaler he has been using for it seems to be helping him with food and his esophagus.
So..... that's today.

And to Jeff:
I wish I could reply to you, where is your blog?

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Mr. Furious said...

thanks for the update, hang in there you blog is still there (I think)