Friday, April 25, 2008

daily buzzzzzzz

I will be giving little daily updates on Kody now so everyone can see how he is doing. And I'm gonna try to get him on the computer so he can write. He's so bored bored bored. We have watched like every movie, played scrabble, phase 10, done all his school packets, cut his hair, made late night oatmeal, watched American Idol... there's not much you can do being stuck up in that little room there. What I do like about it though, is that my little sleeping spot on the couch is right next to a big huge window, so every time I wake up in the morning I see the whole city from up high and it's kinda cool.

... So basically every morning he wakes up and gets his blood drawn at six o clock, and then in the next few hours a doctor will come in and tell how elevated his pancreas is, the amylase and lipase... high or low... We are hoping for a low, of course. A normal number would be in the 300's. When he first went in there and was told his pancreas was inflammed, it was at 2010 for lipase. Throughout the week it was starting to go down and made really good progress. Then, this last Monday it just started going back up to 2300. And then Tuesday, 3000. And then Wednesday, 3300. And Thursday, 3400. And today, it's at 3408.
I haven't been keeping as good of track of the amylase numbers. But today those went up pretty high to like 438, Kody says.
But Kody doesn't feel sick anymore. He was taken off his pain pump, which is a machine with medication that has a button so he can push it whenever he wants. He hasn't taken any medication for pain in two days. They said his esophagus rip has mostly healed and is not leaking any fluid out.... So the doctors couldn't figure out WHY it kept going up. So they turned his stuff over to the "G.I." guy on Wednesday. (The Gastric ...something... Specialist) This guy took him in to take pictures of his esophagus. He saw the tear and it is a lot bigger than they thought, but it is closed up, just not totally healed. I just don't see how a piece of beef jerky could have made a tear that big! I mean it looked painful! They also found that his esophagus is allergic to something and was all swelled up. So as of right now they are doing tests to figure out exactly what it is he is allergic to. They have started him on some steroid that he inhales for his esophagus. I'm not sure exactly what that does to it.
Then on the pancreas part, yesterday, the G.I. guy took him in for a scan / ultrasound (MRI) to look for anything in his liver, pancreas, or gallbladder that is clogged or not normal. We haven't heard much about the results of the scan yet.
He did let Kody try eating some chicken and soft carrots yesterday to see how that will go with his insides. And it must have not been too bad if his pancreas barely elevated any higher. And I'm happy for Kody that he got to eat a little bit of real food, because he has been so starving for some pizza or pasta or anything. But Kody is still on the nutrition bag that goes into his pick line. And he can have any clear liquids he wants.
Today, his doctor just recently said that all this is actually affecting his liver as well. But that they may send him home soon and just bring him daily home care to check up on him. As long as he can eat and handle his food well. So We'll see.
Right now we're just waiting to find out what happens next. They keep getting his hopes up telling him he will be home in a day or two. Then everyday they just keep saying, "a few more days"... It's just one long waiting game.
And I can't even imagine what he feels like being stuck in there.
When he doesn't feel like he's sick anymore.
He's not even allowed to leave the 4th floor!
And the food they choose is not all the pretty!

Everything that has happend to me lately I have been looking at it in a different way. I realize that I wouldn't have been given these hard trials and crazy things happening if I couldn't deal with them. I've learned so much through this, and it really has made me stronger and more appreciative of what I've got in just these two short weeks that seem like they've been FOREVER.
And thanks for everyone's support and special gifts of love, and for thinking of us. I love you all very much.
I'll try to keep you all posted.


Steen said...

i want a pick line.

lovely lindsay said...

unless blended up macaroni and sauce plus big globs of melty cheese could go through a picc line, i would probably have withered away by now.
dear kody...
keep on truckin' my friend. we are thinking of you every day/hour/minute.
love, lindsay

BirthLady said...

What a great update, thank you. I talk to your Mum and ask her how things are going. It must be difficult coping with all you are coping with, but it would probably be a little easier if you had answers to what is going on. Sounds like you've been the perfect wife, helping him with his work, playing games, watching movies and cutting his hair. One thing that might be fun to do, my Jim doesn't like to read books because the slightest noise distracts him and he has to reread. I have read the whole Earth's Childrens Series by Jean Auel to him and most of the Harry Potter books. It's such fun reading together and it will surely pass the time. Try it!.. Peace and Love to you both.

Mr. Furious said...

hello! we've been worried sick...thank you for the update. you both are such inspiring youngsters. god is preparing you for something great--this trial is making you strong. what a gift. i love you both. ctr.
kody: andrey and i are waiting for you to come and watch some baseball with us. we can shove some pepperoni pizza in the pick line or something. you're name is on the temple prayer roll and in our prayers every day. get better. man.

naturaljoy said...