Monday, March 17, 2008

Jade Jade Jade

Just around 24 weeks today...
And I got to have another quick, but sweet ultra sound today.
I got a cute lil picture to take home again that I was excited about.
The wedding stuffs getting figured out, but I just hope the dresses I have coming are going to work. At least ONE of them.
I just been hangin out with the grandmas.
They're both really funny.
We went out to dinner at Red Robin on saturday for my celebration day.
It was great and I had probably the best strawberry milkshake in my life.
I want to thank everybody for the sweet little notes and surprises they sent to me.
I'm happy to have my family.
not much is new.
Same things everyday.
Busy Busy.
I wish I had something interesting to write about.

the samoas made me sick.
and i need this outfit

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cathmom said...

Thanks for letting me be with you today at the baby sneak peek. He is really cute, all 1 1/2 pounds. You're doing a great job of growing a just right baby. I like our family too. Even the quirky stuff. So much love to you. . .