Friday, March 21, 2008

Coming up fast

There is so much to do in very little time. And I'm getting ready for my Washington trip which I am very happy to go see everyone. WOooooo. I can't even wait for a taco John's burrito! I bought me some great new shoes last night. And then I ordered two more. I always loved buying shoes ever since I was little. I made some easter cookies this morning with bunnies on them. And my special fruit salad last night that I am almost addicted to. Pretzel is sick with an old man voice. It's so sunny and cloudy and happy today. I think I finally got me a good dress, I'm just crossing my fingers that this one will fit. Also, I think think THINK we have a place to live. It's Kody's cousins, husband's dads house that has a separate apartment with a separate door in the basement. I hope it works. Happy day. Hope to get happier.

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Michelle said...

are you here
we saw your lindsay driving your moms car? yeasterday right by our house. I like her hair cut. and the color of that car. so what? you here? lets kick it.