Wednesday, February 27, 2008


- i can drive un-nervously on the freeway now
- america's top model is on tonight
- my home and hospital school teacher doesn't know what to do with me, i'm doing so good with my school work she say...
- i need to sign up for the cake classes, i want to bake beautiful cakes
- jamie lynn spears in due the same exact time that i am due
- need to hem my new pants
- need to buy more cinnamon poptarts, because i can't stop eating them
- need to get me a new bed frame and bedding asap, my rooms finally done being painted
- and i really really really need a ZEno
- what's a cute baby name? michael jackson?
- i really should start me up on a healthy diet


Michelle said...

cinnamon pop tarts are seriously the bombest

Pres&Jes said...

grandma can hem those pants.
i want to go back and get white too.
they are so comfortable for nice pants.
lets go to the bank before i forget it.