Friday, February 22, 2008

busy bee

yep, that's me. miss busy bee. all i've been doing these days is working and working on packets for school. and i'm doing really good, i'm ahead. woooo. and i also wish so much that i could get a new outfit. or a pretty haircut. but uhh... i still don't have me a bedroom to sleep in yet either. lots of projects that need to get done. man oh man. here are some little treats mom and i bought for my little friend that isn't here yet. i really really want something from - cutest things i've ever seen. things are going good. i just get lonely. presleys been my best friend... she really needs one... really.


mimi said...

jade...didn't mean to disappear on you. i'll be your pen pal.
those little shirts are cute. i think we should all meet in boise for a weekend.

mimi said...

ps - who is pretzel playing with?

cathmom said...

Yes, Jade, you are doing an awesome job on your school packets. In case anyone wants to know, we just finished 2 short stories; The Bet by Chekhov and The Artist by Tadore, both so cool. Thanks for sharing school with me. LOVE YOU pretty baby.

Michelle said...

when you come here you can make me salse because my asshole friend ate it all before I got any. fatbass.
still need your address
and its spring here in the morning when I wake up.
hi baby boy.

Noƫlla said...

presley has now made a black doll her best friend?
she really does need a best friend.

Pres&Jes said...

thank YOU for being presleys friend when im not there.
she cant wait for a new friend to come play with her.
wont it be funny, she will have someone littler than her!
when i get paid this next week, lets go find you a pretty shirt for you, love-me.

no wonder mom wont let you hang out with her.

lovely lindsay said...

hey. i need a treat. would you and kody got get me some sonic? it's late and i'm lonely. hi belly. send me a picture cause i don't believe. send me a picture and i'll send you a new shirt. love, lin