Tuesday, February 12, 2013

February couldn't come soon enough

2013 has been a crazy year for me already. January was rough for me, I came across some crazy allergy bug during my recovery from this birth and I broke out in hives and sores and was itchy and had bad irritated skin, I almost lost my mind at one point. But after some changing my diet, visits with some very knowledgable doctors, I'm feeling much better and taking really good care of my self. Which is a good start to this year. I have been eating a lot better. And after having one big chunky baby girl I actually feel so great now. And I can't wait for Spring. Kody and I have some great goals for this year. I think this year will be good. We are really enjoying our little family of four. It was quite an adjustment for us, since we were so used to little Carson and spoiling him and didn't ever want anyone to take his place because we both love him way too much, and it was different for us with some other little sweet human being coming into our lives. But we love our Little Sage so so so much and everyday she makes us smile more with how smart she already is and how smiley she is. Carson is getting used to her now and I see him sneakily talk to her when I'm not by him, or he will touch her hair or pull her blanket up on her so shes warm. But only if I'm not looking, he DOES not want me to see him do it. He's so funny. But just thought I would catch up, I'm still phone anti-social and haven't been talking much or texting anyone hardly at all. I don't know why! Kody and I both. But things are great, and I love living out in Salt Lake, my mom is going to be having some more things done on the kitchen in this little house this week. An oven is what I'm looking forward to! I can't wait! I'm so grateful for so many things.
On my to do list:
Carson needs new big boy clothes
Kindergarten registration in March
Take a little family road trip somewhere
Sell the green couches!
Lose ten more pounds
Go to cheesecake factory
Get our stroller we want
Lots of Springtime walks in the avenues
valentines day!!!

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