Wednesday, May 16, 2012


[an old school picture of my loves]
Things are good around here - 
pretty soon we will be living Salt lake city life,
it will be kinda different, but I'm excited for this
adventure. Just a few more weeks... 
This month has been quite crazy itself already.
Kody was in Reno working for 2 1/2 weeks and I
was misssssssing his guts! But now I'm back to
having both my boys. This weather is perfect.
I like to sit out on the back swing and just soak it
all in like every night. Carson is so old now - turning
four in July. I feel like he's smarter than me sometimes.
& STILL a dinosaur. I'm taking two classes this
summer. Goin easy on myself for a minute so I can 
breathe. And kinda takin a break from bracelets for
a minute too. Lately I've just been feeling like sitting
and thinking and watching the sunset and enjoying
this time with my two boys. And that's literally where 
I've been. I have not really talked on my phone or
gone on the computer lately. I got to sneak over to the
beehive bazaar with Candice last week and browse
the shops at Riverwoods. I loved it. Then we had
Presley's big 6 birthday at Jungle Jim's. Carson rode
a kid rollercoaster for the first time, I've never seen
him laugh so hard in his life. Haha. Mother's day was
perfect, and I cooked up some white chicken chili
for my mama. Speaking of, she is going on the
coolest Africa trip in July. I'm so proud of her, for the 
things she has accomplished and continues to do. 
She got together with some other women and came up
with it's soooo cool. And
I'm excited for her!
Wellllll there's a lil update. 


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