Thursday, March 15, 2012

This week felt busy! After I opened my shop I was busy crafting up some bracelets! I never knew it was so much fun to have an etsy shop! My new thing right now... ahhh. I'm still counting down until City Creek opens. I already have a list of things I need for Spring. Especially for Carson... He is in need of all new clothes, he just started growing a ton these last few months. He also WILL NOT let me cut his hair! He cracks me up! One thing I'm looking forward to/saving up for, is a camera! So I can finally have some pictures up here again! It's making me crazy! Crossing my fingers on a couple of things as well. Tomorrow is supposed to rain. As well as Monday is supposed to be snowish. SIck gross. DisliKe. Can Spring not come any slower?!? I'm ready for March to go away now please. I already want Texas Roadhouse again really bad. Oh yeah, and Brick Oven. *

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