Saturday, March 10, 2012


Some papercuts I have been making ... probably my favorite
kind of art to do right now. Soon to be up in my shop!
Top one made for myself, bottom one made for AmandaCherie,

I always feel like there is so much going on -
I feel so panicked all the time trying to get things done.
Ahhhh - I think I'm going crazy.
It's been fun having an etsy shop! I love it!
I'm gonna start selling some custom papercuts,
I have had too many people requesting some from me,
so... Yeah - What else. Today was good, the weather
finally was pretty and sunny. We went to an open house
tour for fun down on 9th and 9th. I wish Kody and I could
buy a home. My dream house is in SLC - I KNow it. Then
I took Kody over to the new harmon's for a tour. Speaking
of Harmon's I have an interview there. I like Harmons.
Oh yeaahhh! And yesterday was awesome! I took the NRP
neonatal rescuscitation class with Christine and all the midwife
ladies yesterday! It was fun! I wish I slept better though!
But I learned a lot! Christine and I were talking about how
we feel like if we had babies we would be SO good at it
now because of how much good stuff we know about birth
now. HAha. And then I went to the International Women's
Day celebration in Provo in memory of Briana Blackwelder.
It was cool cool. And good to see candice and Tess, who
has probably one of the cutest babies I ever saw!

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