Tuesday, November 8, 2011


me and my boys reallllly slept in today.
it felt great. you'd think since we had this whole house to ourselves we would sleep on one of the ten comfiest beds in this house, but no, we still pick the couch. so funny. today is cleaning day. i need to get in cleaning mode because my parents get home tomorrow and i want this place to look happy and sparkling! ha.& it's time to get new classes at midnight. can't wait to see what next semester is going to bring. i didn't realize my birthday was so soon and i always have to make a birthday list. it's my favorite part about my birthday. i may or may not be making one today in between cleaning breaks. kody is gonna leave for work at 3 and i hate it. but i'm so proud of how hard he works. i feel so grateful for so many things already this month. i kind of am liking november. i think good things are coming. christmas lists birthday lists i love lists, i cant wait for the holidays now. so glad the snow melted already ;| the only thing on my list besides homework is going to the antique store... and Park city time.

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cathmom said...

Your parents are coming home tomorrow!!!! We are laughing so hard at your turmoil. Hasta Luego.