Friday, August 12, 2011

a lot

i don't have any new pictures right now,
because we sorta ran over here and forgot
that we needed things here, like laundry soap,
vacuum, and the camera. oops...
i'm to the point where i'm ready to go home.
all the things i needed to do here feel done,
and i feel like i need to get some things done
THERE now. since fall school is inching closer,
i'm getting really antsy trying to get it all
organized. and i'm not going to have this summer
income either. so i need to figure something out.
i just don't know what were doing yet. but
i'm getting so anxious... i feel like i need to get
home, or sSOMEetThhiiNnG. so many thoughts
going through my head. time feels like its going
to fast, and i need to hurry and figure out what i
wanna do with this life before its over. ahhh..
on the other hand. if somehow i find a job while
kody's in school, i am dying to stick carson in the
daybreak preschool... and i'm planning a vegas trip
for halloween... well... i'm just feeling crazy today.
and overwhelmed.
me and carson did make chocolate chip oatmeal
cookies though, to calm ourselves...
alright bye,

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