Thursday, May 19, 2011

it's a celebration every time we link up

i'm trying to post more.
i have been wearing this neon orange shirt
for three days. don't get me wrong, i washed it.
but sheesh i need to get myself more clothes.
i am so tired and i wont let myself sleep.
too much always going on. and i don't wanna
miss a thing. i still have my bracelet string on
from when i was pregnant with carson.
it was supposed to come off once he was
born. but i never took mine off. and its just
a string.. a thin string, and i still have it on.
i thought that was kinda crazy, because carson
is turning three in a month... and it still hasn't
fallen off. so i'm scared something bad will
happen once it does. ahhhhh.
i made oatmeal cookies and watched never
say never with these kids. got me a bank account.
crossed off that intermountain thing, sold
two of moms books for her and
got that package ready to get in the mail .
it feels good when i get things done.
if the rain would go away, i would go out more.
i should enter that makeover contest at
black house white market in the mall, i need it.
i hope i can wake up early enough to take a walk
by myself and get some exercise.
i'm crazy
summer is coming fast.

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