Wednesday, April 20, 2011


i'm loving that it's hot out side so much,
i need to get my bike out.
busy week, wedding, projects, school,
babysitting three kids again,
kody goes to kentucky!,
justin bieber comes to dollar theatre friday,
someone must go with me please,
need a free day to go out on the town,
got my new summer classes,
i'm excited, i stayed up till midnight to
get the ones i needed, went back in
the morning to add a web design class,
it was already full! oh well at least i
got my math and my health one i need,
i love that i'm doing somewhat of some
school. it just feels good.
in the fall after all this madness of moving around,
i will go to real school not online ;]
my hair is super duper long,
i wish i could wear big sweatshirts
and yoga pants all day everyday,
i havent been into much makeup-ish lately
because i'm just so busy thinking thinking and
always on the go,
i have been doing lots of crafts lately,
speaking of which i got a surprise print in the mail,
from louella press on etsy

and my mom told me her friend joanna sent it
to me. love love love it and HER
i love that she thought of me. and i went
out and got a cute ikea frame for it that day.

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michelle said...

OMG you guys look so cute and carson is sooo handsom!