Tuesday, January 11, 2011

i wish it wuzzza piece a cake

hello blog.
not much to say that would make your day but,
we're hangin in the there.
iiiiii love my boyz. i hope kody
is excited that we got foood stamps this month :)
and i'm applying with the subsidized housing
on friday for when we move out this summer.
i hope hope hope everythang willl be alllll right.
and i just want spring to bring me something new.
so last year i got two bigggies knocked off my
new years resolution. in 2010 i got my drivers license
and i got my ged...
so 2011... what will you bring... ????


rach. said...

jadeee. i miss ya. <3
maybe want to have a playdate soon??

michelle said...

yep still the salon. are you going to cosmetology school?