Friday, April 2, 2010

i'm glad the sun has come out today.
even though its not even warm.
my dad left this morning so now this house is
completely lonely. and real quiet.
he took me to la frontera on thursday,
and red mango for dessert.
then we went to noodles last night.
and i hope i remember his dry cleaning this time.
i dyed my hair brown today.
i missed it.
kody finally wore his new jeans to work.
they are real real cute on him.
he's thinkin of quitting his job and doin school
fullll time. just to get school done.
i think it might work with our situation right now.
so why not.
theres never butter when i decide to bake something.
carson talks to me alll the time.
and i'm feelin like
everything is workin out allllright.

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