Tuesday, April 6, 2010

carson says dess a lot.
capri sun wild cherry.
fried hair.
justin bieber.
havent seen my mom in
3 weekz.
cleanin day.
making school goals.
did candices makeup,
it was pretty!
a quiet easter.
i'm really grateful for janeen.
she helps me with carson
when i am so exhausted.
without even knowing it.
i love her.
i want to golf.
trying to have friends
is hard.
i want those daybreak condos.
i want to make coconut
i have to watch
GED on TV tomorrow.
it feels good when my
dad says he's proud of me.
i miss lin.
i want my own space so i
can sew something.
really impatient waiting for


Pres8Jes said...

dont talk about justin bieber.
what does 'dess' mean?
im learnin to make ceasar salad dressing, i wonder if you'd like it?
i found that hair dye.
i want to come over.
that picture is cute.
jsck loves those cinnamon crusnchie whatever snacks you picked for him.
we might move.
im convincing brad.

michelle said...

I love capri suns and you know how you said its still snowing there well its pouring rain so much here. I want spring too. I was taking a nap when you text.. haha

cassandra noƫlla said...

he is so cute . and i cant believe i still havent met him.